Sharad Navratri!!

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Dear Readers,

Sharad Navratri is the nine days long sacred festival.The word Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit. Sharad Navratri falls in Kawar/Ashwina month according to Hindi Lunar calender.This year Sharad Navratri is starting from October 1st and -

Padeva/1st day of Navratri is on October 1st
Ashthami is on October 9th
Navami is on October 10th
Dussehra is on October 11th

Many people keep fast (or VRAT) for eight days (from Parva to Ashthami) and eat only falahari dishes (fruits, vegetables, and dishes made with specific ingredients for fasting days). They break their fast on Navami after ceremony and prayers. Others who can not fast for eight days continuously, observe fast on the first day (beginning of the navratri) and the last day (ashthami or eighth day) of Navratri.

Sharad Navratri is passionately celebrated throughout India. Dussehra / Vijaydashmi is celebrated on the 10th day.

For this Navratri fasting let's make some special delicacies. I will keep updating the Falahari recipes during the navratri.....

Happy Navratri !!

New Recipe!

raw banana cutlets Raw Banana Cutlets-Raw bananas are rich in dietary fibers, carbohydrates, and also in vitamins C and B6. Bananas are one of the best sources for potassium. Raw bananas do not have natural sugars like ripened bananas. Raw bananas can be easily found in grocery stores. Bananas are usually eaten... .
Grape Chutney Grape Chutney-Grape Chutney is an easy to make, very healthy, and delicious Chutney. This phalahari chutney recipe is an adapted version of Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor's "Angoor aur Khajur Ki Chutney". This chutney can be served with Phalahari Thalipeeth, Sabudana Vada, or any other snack during the fast....... .
Phalahari Thalipeeth Phalahari Thalipeeth-Thalipeeth is a very popular Variety of Maharashtrian Bread. It is a savory preparation looks like a pancake. Here we are making a Phalahari ( fast special) version of Thalipeeth. This is a hearty, healthy and easy to make dish for fast. I have used soaked sago, water chestnut (singhoda) flour, and boiled potatoes along with flavoring to make this delicacy. Phalahari Thalipeeth can be served with cucumber raita, and phalahari chutney... Please try it and as always do share your comments... .
Samo Rice Kheer Samo Rice Kheer-Sama/ Samo is rice one of the food eaten during the fasting days in India. These rice grains are smaller in comparison to any other rice grain, and look somewhere between semolina and daliya (broken wheat), or may be couscous........Please note that different families have different traditions for fasting days .. This is a quick and easy to make dessert for fasts...As always please keep writing your comments..

Some Other Delicious dishes for Fast

Kuttu Ki Poori sabudana pulav cucumber potato salad