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Sharad Navratri!!

Dear Readers,

Sharad Navratri is the nine days long sacred festival.The word Navratri means nine nights in Sanskrit. Sharad Navratri falls in Kawar/Ashwina month according to Hindi Lunar calender.This year Sharad Navratri is starting from September 21st. Please click here to read more about Sharad Navratri

For this Navratri fasting let's make some special delicacies....

Happy Navratri !!

Recipes for Vrat/Upwas

  • Soji Ka Dhokla

    Sooji Ka Dhokla

    Dhokla's are basically steam cooked snacks from Gujarat (Western India). Dhokla is made with fermented batter of different flours, or lentils or rice etc. This is an easy to follow and quick recipe forsooji ka dhokla. Sooji is also known as rava and in English it is called as semolina. Semolina is made from wheat and is considered as light. Semolina is rich in carbohydrate, protein, and dietary fibers. ... Read More..

Lauki, Ghiya, Kaddu, Doodhi, Bottle Gourd and here in America it is also called as Squash. One vegetable and so many different names. Bottle gourds contains about 96% water. They are rich in dietary fibers, and are also a good source of vitamin B and contain iron as well.

You can make so many different delicacies from lauki. Please click on this link to read about lauki recipes.

lauki recipes

New Recipe- Boondi Raita!

  •  Boondi Raita

    Boondi Raita

    The word boondi has come from a Hindi word Boond means drop. Boondis are small deep fried balls of gram flour paste. Raita is a yogurt based Indian dish. It is a coolant and can be a combination of herbs, fruits or vegetables mixed in beaten yogurt. It is generally served as an accompaniment to the spicy main dishes. Boondi raita is a delicious preparation goes very well with tehri..... Read More..


New Recipe- Marinara Sauce

  •  Marinara Sauce


    Marinara is an Italian sauce made of fresh Roma tomatoes, herbs, onions, and garlic, flavored and seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and salt. In India Marinara sauce is often called as Italian tomato sauce. In the USA Marinara sauce is extensively used. One can easily find bottled marinara sauce in the supermarkets, but nothing can beat homemade food..... Read More..

Mother's Day

Dear Readers,

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May month all over the world.

I am not a philosopher to describe this relationship, I am not a painter to express the feelings through the paints on canvas, neither am I a poet to write on this beautiful relationship…. I am a daughter and also a mother and I can only say that for me every day is mother’s day. My mother lives in India and I can’t do much for her but I am always thinking about her well being. This is one of the purest relationship on the planet and a mother’s love is always unconditional …

Read more about Mothers Day and My mothers favorite recipes!!

Happy Mother's Day,

Kesar Pista Kulfi

  • Kesar Pista Kulfi

    Kesar Pista Kulfi

    Kulfi is a traditional Indian Ice-cream. It is made by boiling full cream milk and reducing it to one-third of its original volume. Kulfi can be of different flavors, like kesar pista, mango, litch, badam, malai, etc. Traditionally kulfi is frozen in a clay pot (matka) filled with ice. Here we are going to use a quick recipe to make kulfi. This is my mother’s recipe and the outcome is as good as the traditional recipe. Read More..

Growing Methi/Fenugreek at home!

April 30th-2016

  • methi

    Growing Methi/Fenugreek at home

    Methi can be easily grown in home garden. To grow methi in a container, fill the container with organic soil. Sprinkle methi seeds all over, about ¼ inch apart from each other. Cover the seeds with a very thin layer of soil. Sprinkle some water to moisten the soil. The seeds will sprout in a couple of days. Water them and keep them under the sun. They grow very fast. Read More..

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