November, 19th 2014

Thanksgiving !!

Dear Readers,

Dear Readers,

Thanksgiving is one of the most important festivals in the USA. It is a national holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November month. As the name shows thanksgiving is celebrated to pay thanks. This festival is celebrated after the harvest, and often locally harvested crops are included in the feast organized this day.

Food is an integral part of any festival all around the world but Thanksgiving specially has a grand gala family feast associated with it. Traditional foods are a large part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Many families include the entire family in the food preparation. Traditional foods include turkey, sweet potatoes, cornbread, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce etc. Many people serve pie for dessert at the end of the meal. Popular pie flavors are pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, and apple etc. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is spending time with family.

We sometimes have a prty with Indian food and sometimes with Interbational food. Last weekend a friend of ours organized a p[otluck party with world food title. I will give you some ideas to plan your feast for Thanksgiving party......Stay tuned for new recipes

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hummus Hummus-Hummus is a very popular Middle Eastern dip/ sauce. It is becoming very popular these days all around the world. Hummus is made with cooked chickpeas (Chole) and tahini (sesame paste). It can be served as a dip for veggie sticks, crackers, pita bread (An Arabic bread) or with Falafel etc. Hummus can be easily found in ....
Mango Salsa Mango Salsa -Salsa is a Mexican variety of dip. There are so many different variants of salsa. Summer is the time of the year when the Bazzar is flooded with sweet corn, peaches, berries, mangoes etc.. So let us make a delicious, colorful, and very healthy sweet-n-tangy mango salsa. Salsas are served with corn tortilla chips.

Some other new delicacies

Vegetable lasagna

Chickpeas Burger

Chili Paneer in Ginger Sauce

some photos for party planning and party organization/ bulk cooking.