Thursday, August 14th-2014

Potato Cutlets !

Dear Readers,

It is monsoon time in India and also it is very nice weather here in our town so let's make these delicious potato cutlets-

Potato Cutlets Potato Cutlets- Potato cutlets- a very simple and most popular variety of vegetarian cutlets from India. Last weekend we visited our friends Ruchi and Sushil and they had made these cutlets for us with tea. These cutlets reminded me of Kanpur . When we were there we used to make these cutlets often in monsoon. I was surprised to see that these cutlets were not here in the website so here they are for my readers. Thanks Ruchi for bringign back the taste of home!!!

India is celebrating its 68th Independence day on August 15th. On this special day let's make tri color pulav. For this recipe I have used all the natural ingredients to get the natural colors of our flag. Hope you enjoy this recipe! Please keep writing your valuable comments! .

Happy Independence day!!!

Tri color salad skewers

republic day

Tri Color Pulav Tri Color Pulav- On the special occasion of Independence Day let’s make this delicious and nutritious tri color rice preparation. To make three different color layers, I have used spinach to give green color, coconut milk to make white layer rice, and tomatoes to make saffron/kesariya top layer of tri color rice. Hope you enjoy this delicious dish. Please do not forget to share your precious comments…..

Cucumber Chaat Cucumber Chaat-Cucumber Chaat is a road side chaat from Karnataka. I have learnt this recipe from my friend Ashwini who is from Mysore and often makes this delicious cucumber chaat. Ashwini says that this chaat goes by ‘soutekayi’ which means cucumber in Kannada. This chaat is very easy to make but superb in taste.I just love this cucumber chaat as it is full of flavors and also light and healthy. So please try out this dish and do share your comments.