January -2016

इस पन्ने को हिन्दी में पढ़ें

Basant Panchmi Special !!

Dear Readers,

Basant Panchami is celebrated on the fifth (panchami) day of Magh month (usually in January last / February) on lunar calander. This year Basant Panchmi is on Friday, February 12th. On Basant (or Vasant) Panchmi people worship goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. On this day special prayers are organized at the schools and kids often wear yellow color to celebrate the festival, as Vasant means spring. Yellow colored desserts are also made for this festival to offer to the goddess.……..

Rava Kesari Rava Kesari-Rava Kesari- Rava is a Hindi word for semolina and Kesari is for saffron. As the name shows this is a sweet porridge (halwa) preparation made with semolina and saffron. Rava kesari taste different than North Indian sooji ka halwa. There are different recipes of making semolina halwa in different regions of India. My Gujarati friends make this halwa in milk, in North India the semolina is roasted until golden brown and this rava sesari is kesari (saffron color) ….This is an awesome sweet.

Happy Basant Panchmi to Everyone !!

Some other Yellow Desserts for Basant Panchmi !

Sweet saffron rice Zafrani Moong Dal Burfi ( saffron lentil dessert)-Zafran is the Urdu word for saffron (kesar). Barfi or Burfi is a very famous Indian dessert. The word barfi has come from Persian culture: These are square or diamond shape semi solid desserts..There is a huge range of barfi in India. This is a quick recipe for Zafarani moongdal barfi.….. Try this exotic dish and let me know your valuable comments…..
Sweet saffron rice Sweet Saffron Rice- Sweet saffron rice is a very traditional dessert made for Basant Panchmi pooja (prayer). This delicious dessert is made with thickened milk (khoya/mawa), assorted dry fruits, and saffron. Sweet saffron rice is mildly flavored with green cardamoms and cloves. Like any other dessert the sweet saffron rice is first offered to goddess Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge) before serving......
Besan Ke Ladoo Besan ke laddoo-Ladoo is a hindi word for round ball. Ladoos are very famous Indian dessert usually made out of different kinds of flour(wheat, gram etc)/grains(sesame) with ghee(clarified butter), sugar and dry fruits.Some very common varieties of ladoos are aate ke ladoo, besan ke ladoo, sooji ke ladoo, Til ke ladoo etc..

Some Other Desserts (Mithai)

some photos for party planning and party organization/ bulk cooking.