Party Preparation

Here are some photos for bulk cooking in a regular home kitchen…

    party food

    Spinach Curry for Palak Kofta

    palak aloo ke kofte

    Mashed potatoes for palak aloo ke kofte

    gobhi aloo

    Cooking Cauliflower and Potatoes for Gobhi Aloo

    peas cooking for gobhi aloo

    Cooking peas for Gobhi Aloo

    gobhi aloo

    Gobhi Aloo - Finished !

    cut vegetables for Paneer Zalfrezi

    Cut vegetables and paneer for Paneer Zalfrezi

    Paneer Zalfrezi

    Paneer Jalfrezi

    Aloo masala for Dosa

    Aloo masala for Dosa

    gobhi aloo

    Food is ready to go